Payment in full is required before work starts on the portrait. This can be made by either credit/debit card or Paypal. However you can secure a booking during busy periods, e.g. before Christmas, with a 20% deposit.



Upon placing an order I will give an estimated time that I expect to be able to begin the portrait. If you contact me to cancel the order before I have started work on it I will provide a full refund. If work has already started or the portrait is finished I will keep 20% and refund 80% of the total cost. This covers lost time, materials and taking a booking slot which may have been used for other work.



Once the portrait is completed I will send you a watermarked photograph of the work via email or social media, whichever you prefer. You may request any reasonable adjustments and I will do my best to incorporate these until you are happy with the end result.



Refund requests made after accepting the completed order must be made within 14 days. Refunds in this case will be for 80% of the order and will only be made once the returned image has been received by myself. The client is responsible for return delivery of the portrait and cost. The image and any mount must be in as new condition when returned.


Damage in Transit

We take great care in correctly packaging your portraits for transit. However, should your portrait arrive damaged please take some photos of the damage, keep the packaging and contents and contact me immediately for further direction.



I retain copyright to all artwork I produce. Portraits and other artworks may be used on my website, social media, portfolio or for advertising / promotional material. They will not be reproduced for sale or profit. If you prefer your commissioned portrait not to used for any of these reasons please let me know when ordering and I will respect your wishes. Returned artworks or those cancelled when complete or near complete may be sold or reproduced for sale to recoup lost revenue.

When providing photographs as reference please ensure that you own the photos, i.e. you took them yourself, or that you have permission to allow their use and copying. If providing photographic reference you agree that you own their copyright and allow their use by myself and anyone I deem reasonable to copy and work from to produce your portrait.


Privacy Policy

No information is shared with, sold or leased to any third parties.